How to Photograph Stunningly Beautiful Bokeh

Bokea — It deserves our attention again this year!

It’s the Christmas Season and lights abound in our homes, neighborhoods and just about everywhere we go.  There is a plethora of different and beautiful subjects to photograph for family, art and just the joy of photography.  Again this year we are focusing on bringing beautiful bokeh into our photography and art on canvas for the season.  It is stunningly beautiful and imaginative.  Take the time this year to photograph beautiful images using this technique. If you haven’t tried it in the past, jump over to the links below and grab some knowledge and give it a try.  You will be hooked on the result.

This image above is a simple bokeh shot of my tree and mantel.  Imagine it in a very large photograph on metal for Christmas display in my blue and cream room!   The image below is another bokeh shot I created for Christmas wallpaper last year.  To make it truly “shine” I used antique jewelry on a mirrored tray with ornaments.  There are thousands of ways to create displays to use with your bokeh photography and stunning in family portraiture.

There are many places on the web to learn this technique including at Nikon, Canon and Sony.  Here are simple examples from Digital Photography School and 500pxISO

Have fun and let us see your shots!

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Kaleidoscopic Colored Skies

The beauty of Autumn in the Skies again!  I am speechless as I gaze upon such beauty in nature that I lay down my camera gear and just allow the beauty to mesmerize my eyes, thoughts and experience the lovely magnificence before me.  It is no wonder that photographers travel to the ends of the earth to capture the beauty of creation and to bathe in its loveliness live and in person.  Should you travel to the uttermost parts of the earth to behold it?  Yes, yes a thousand times yes!  But, my friends, do not despair if you are not able to travel far away, simply go outdoors and gaze upon it morning and evening where you are.  It will mesmerize you too with its kaleidoscopic colored skies and earthtoned hues from sunrise to sunset.

Say it well then romantic poet…

“IN your arms was still delight,
Quiet as a street at night;
And thoughts of you, I do remember,
Were green leaves in a darkened chamber,
Were dark clouds in a moonless sky.
Love, in you, went passing by,
Penetrative, remote, and rare,
Like a bird in the wide air,
And, as the bird, it left no trace
In the heaven of your face.
In your stupidity I found
The sweet hush after a sweet sound.
All about you was the light
That dims the greying end of night;
Desire was the unrisen sun,
Joy the day not yet begun,
With tree whispering to tree,
Without wind, quietly.
Wisdom slept within your hair,
And Long-Suffering was there,
And, in the flowing of your dress,
Undiscerning Tenderness.
And when you thought, it seemed to me,
Infinitely, and like a sea,
About the slight world you had known
Your vast unconsciousness was thrown.…”

Rupert Brooke, “The South Seas” Excerpt: Retrospect,
MATAIEA, January 1914.

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Autumn Wind is Calling

How beautiful you are from the rains dear September and soon your beauty will fall into glorious colors of Autumn and we will capture you again!  As we leave our dear friends of nature at Biltmore Estate, we will return again soon to see your colors of Autumn and skies of the blues.  Until then, we capture you once more…

JayJacy Photography

~ ~ ~


My song is half a sigh
Because my green leaves die;
Sweet are my fruits, but all my leaves are dying;
And well may Autumn sigh,
And well may I
Who watch the sere leaves flying.

My leaves that fade and fall,
I note you one and all;
I call you, and the Autumn wind is calling,
Lamenting for your fall,
And for the pall
You spread on earth in falling.

And here’s a song of flowers to suit such hours:
A song of the last lilies, the last flowers,
Amid my withering bowers.

In the sunny garden bed
Lilies look so pale,
Lilies droop the head
In the shady grassy vale;
If all alike they pine
In shade and in shine,
If everywhere they grieve,
Where will lilies live?

[October enters briskly, some leafy twigs bearing different
sorts of nuts in one hand, and a long ripe hop-bine trailing
after him from the other. A dahlia is stuck in his
_Christina Rossetti

~ ~ ~

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