The Perfumed Land of Lilacs

These beautiful trees are abundant in flowers and aroma and fill the house and gardens with luscious blooms and fragrant aroma.  I am in awe of them as they brighten my Morning Room and smile as I now have eight lilac trees from the mother trees and soon will have a grove of them in my “Perfumed Land of Lilacs.”  Stunning describes them best when brought indoors to photograph and enjoy.

~ ~ ~
I, WHO fade with the lilacs
And with the roses fade,
Am sharing this hour with them
Conferring in the shade.

~ ~ ~

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Passion for Infrared Colors in Art

I love infrared photography whether in shades of black-white or colors.  One of our favorite photographers who shoots infrared is Clay Blackmore who creates amazing bridal infrared images.  I love creating images of nature in infrared and then process with various techniques to create art for my “Art on Canvas Collection” for Classy Chic Home Design Studio.  This is one of my latest creations for living room I designed in stunning pastels. It will be a very large canvas for the focal point for the room to draw one into the beauty of nature in spring.

“THIS peach is pink with such a pink
As suits the peach divinely;
The cunning color rarely spread
Fades to the yellow finely;
But where to spy the truest pink
Is in my Love’s soft cheek, I think.”

Photography: Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2017 All Rights Reserved
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Precious Moments at Christmas

Precious Moments Christmas.  I am a collector of lovely things and one of my favorite collections is my Precious Moments Collection started by Jay with an adorable ballerina in honor of my ballet days and our photography work in ballet and dance. It is a huge collection numbering over 500 pieces. It’s truly precious to me because each piece has a memory and related to tell a life story. They are precious and have their own space and like special things, they have honorable mention at Christmas and their own room in pastels decorated to showcase them. They are, a “little girl’s dream collection.” The story of their creator-artist, Samuel J. Butcher is a fascinating one and an encouragement for all artists and collectors in holding onto your dreams and accomplishing them.

In our travels this year for the holiday season, we have photographed many trees both decorated for Christmas indoors and out and the natural beauty of trees in their changing seasons. It is a favorite subject for this photographer and had to include another of “my favorite things” Precious Moments. Visit their website to read their story and see the many “precious moments” that you too have as memories.

Precious Moments Website

Be sure to check out the article from Country Living Magazine on the value of these “precious” collectibles.  It will amaze you!

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