Lavender’s Blue in Infrared

“Lavender’s blue, Lavender’s green,
When I am King, you shall be Queen:
Who told you so, who told you so?
‘Twas mine own Heart, that told me so.”
_Lavender’s Blue

Is there anything more beautiful in photography that captures the eyes and heart than a beautiful infrared image that shocks our focus into a world of creativity of light and color?  We have loved infrared photography since our days shooting film.  We prefer using our film cameras but today there are companies that offer conversion of your digital cameras to infrared in various combinations.  If you are looking for a new photography adventure try infrared.  It is especially beautiful for nature, landscapes and wedding photography.   If you are on Facebook you have probably seen the ads for Kolarvision.  Take a look-see  at their conversions, filters and more and perhaps you will be encouraged to shoot infrared for 2018 too!

Image “Lavender’s Blue”  Infrared Photography, JoyPals Design Studio – 
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Cherry Blossoms in Print

Our new Fine Art Prints galleries are open at the gallery site and one of our favorite offerings for the spring season is our “Cherry Blossom” series from our own Promise Gardens and  travels throughout the gardens in North America.  “Cherry Blossoms” is available in all designs and applications.  The original was created and designed for studio in full canvas and metallic prints.  Visit our JacyJoyPals (JayJacy) Fine Art Galleries to view in full here.


WHEN cherry flowers begin to blow
With Yuki’s face beneath them,
The richest petals lose their glow,
And small buds haste to sheath them.

When blue wisteria hangs its head
And Yuki leans above it,
The swallow flits discomforted,—
With none to see or love it.

When lotus blossoms open wide,
And beckon men to dreaming,
My Yuki smiles,—and all their pride
Is but a perfumed seeming.

When snow is white on moat and tree
And crusts each bamboo feather,
My Yuki lifts her eyes to me,—
’T is all I know of weather.*



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* Yuki By Mary McNeil Fenollosa (1900)

Spring Whispers, We Capture

What an incredibly beautiful weekend and another glorious day today! We captured over 20 hours of images this weekend and what a joy it was! Photography is a wonderful gift we have to capture moments in time whether people, special events, moments that are precious or our beautiful creation in all of its splendor of seasons. Have a beautiful week and capture life!

Spring Whispers, Art On Canvas

Spring Whispers is one of our newest in the Art on Canvas Collection of our “Timeless Photography” and will be included in print later this year.


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