Gold and Crimson Sunset Lands

We at JayJacy are announcing our new “Sunrise-Sunset” Art on Canvas Collection is forthcoming soon just in time for the spring “Apple Blossom Festival” and Art Exhibit as well as the Classy Chic Home Design Show and Sale. We wanted to share a sneak peek with you here at our JayJacy, HDRCHIC and ClassyChicHome. Be encouraged to enjoy the beauty of the art and photography you create by showcasing it many wonderful ways. Enjoy!

JayJacy Photography


The Four Winds

WIND of the North,
Wind of the Norland snows,
Wind of the winnowed skies, and sharp, clear stars,—
Blow cold and keen across the naked hills,
And crisp the lowland pools with crystal films,
And blur the casement squares with glittering ice,
But go not near my love.

Wind of the West,
Wind of the few, far clouds,
Wind of the gold and crimson sunset lands,-
Blow fresh and pure across the peaks and plains,
And broaden the blue spaces of the heavens,
And sway the grasses and the mountain pines,
But let my dear one rest.

Wind of the East,
Wind of the sunrise seas,
Wind of the clinging mists and gray, harsh rains,—
Blow moist and chill across the wastes of brine,
And shut the sun out, and the moon and stars,
And lash the boughs against the dripping eaves,
Yet keep thou from my love.

But thou, sweet wind!
Wind of the fragrant South,
Wind from the bowers of jasmine and of rose,—
Over magnolia blooms and lilied lakes
And flowering forests come with dewy wings,
And stir the petals at her feet, and kiss
The low mound where she lies.

Charles Henry Luders

Photography: Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2017 All Rights Reserved
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Mesmerized by Beauty

Dawn awakes as the beach awakens to early morning walkers and ocean lovers taking in the breathtakingly beautiful sunrise.  One only needs to spend a few moments to set the mood for a day.  Nature lovers, poets and photographers alike are mesmerized by its beauty.

~ ~ ~
O DAWN upon me slowly, Paradise!
Come not too suddenly,
Lest my just-opened, unaccustomed eyes
Smitten with blindness be.

To those who from Time’s penury and woe
Rise to thy heights afar,
Down which the floods of glory fall and flow,
Too great thy splendors are.

So grow upon me slowly; sweetly break
Across death’s silent deep,
Till to thy morning brightness I shall wake
As one from happy sleep.
_J.B. Kenyon

~ ~ ~

Photography: Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2015 All Rights Reserved
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Dazzling Summer of Ocean Blues

Traveling to the ocean with their bounteous waterways and light is always an inspiration for new photography art design projects to compliment and complete my final interior design.  This image location was the inspiration for my newest design, a master suite with sitting room in the restful beach-water-ocean colors of blues, light sand, cream and white.  Stunning is the word to describe the beauty and ambience of the final design.  Mirrors, crystal bling,  elaborate bedding and this art on canvas piece make it a dreamy respite of peace and tranquility.  I am poetically dazzled by the color palette of nature!

 ~ ~ ~

Dazzling Summer of  Ocean Blues
“My love remembers the oceans of blues,

azure skies and the color of your eyes
My heart is captured, my soul with love burns,
dazzled  I am and promise to return.”

~ ~ ~


Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2014 All Rights Reserved
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